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Notes by Autumn Light

Q&A: How do the paleo Hebrew characters “𓏴𓂝𓌓𓃾𓁶𓉐” depict the phrase “In the beginning”?

First of all, hats off to TCP/IP, HTML and whatever else is responsible for being able to present such characters (and in the correct right-to-left order) in an online question

Q&A: Did the Modern Hebrew revivers want the Sephardic accent to become the new Hebrew accent, or a blend of the Ashkenazi and Sephardi accents?

The "Language Committee" of the early Zionist period (precursor to the Academy of Hebrew Language) debated this topic at length

Q&A: What is a classic expression in Hebrew that (unfortunately, in your view) is not used anymore?

I was thinking of this some months ago, when a translation client of mine complained to me that she was not allowed by her publisher