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With this insight in mind, it is easy to see how Hebrew script can easily be simulated in any character set—as long as you maintain a one-to-one mapping (and preferably, one that is comparatively easy to relate to the familiar Square Hebrew). One such mapping is the following:

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Square Hebrew – SimHebrew Converter

ממיר כתב מרובע לכלאמ”ר

mmir ctb mruby lclam”r v. 0.9.9

To simulate Square Hebrew text in Roman characters, type or cut-and-paste standard Square Hebrew text into the field on the right, then click the conversion button [<] The converted text will appear in the left field.

To convert text from SimHebrew to Square Hebrew, type or cut-and-paste the SimHebrew text in the left field, then click on [>] button. The converted text will appear in the right field.

The mapping used in the conversion is shown in the table at the top of the page.