RATES & TERMS | תנאים ותעריפים

Translation rates (Hebrew < > English)

(as of September 26, 2022)

WorkWork typeDescriptionRateUnit
TranslationsLong documents*Articles, papers, short stories, books*100$Per thousand words in English
Copyediting AnyDocument10$–100$Per thousand words in original (depending on amount of editing required)—see Copyediting page
AdvocacyEmail/tel comms.Hour100$Per hour
TablesAnyDocument1$ Per cell
Minimum chargeAnySingle Document60$

——————— * Please note that we no longer translate driver’s licences, marriage or birth certificates, or related documents.

* Payment of milestone payments within a week of invoice means that book translations can be completed at 10% discount – see below


  • In view of recent sharp declines of the Canadian dollar (CAD) in relation to the USD (and the NIS), rates are now stated in USD until further notice.
  • For clients in Canada, rates are exclusive of GST at 5%.
  • Rush jobs**: pay full amount up front (per Estimate), balance (if applicable) immediately on completion. Rush charge: on sliding scale, as follows:
    • Up 1 place in the current translation queue: 10%
    • Up 2 places in the current translation queue: 20%
    • Up 3 places in the current translation queue: 30%
    • Up 4 places in the current translation queue: 40%
    • Up 5 places in the current translation queue: 50%
    • Same-day (24 hours) completion: 60%
  • Estimates provided on request.
  • Payment: on completion of work, by credit card online, or by cheque drawn on Canadian bank branch, payable to Orr-Stav Communications
  • Late payments: 2% extra will be added to the usual translation or copyediting rate of the next job for that client for each week of late payment
  • Large jobs: down payment for first 10,000 words, “milestone” payment for each 10,000 words thereafter.
  • Discounts: A percentage of the current invoice is deducted from the invoice of the next job if paid promptly, on a sliding scale, as follows:

** Clients whose accounts are in credit equal or more than the value of the current job (i.e., with prepaid retainers against future work) get priority without rush charges.

עבודה דחופה? שלמו מראש לפי הצעת המחיר, ואת היתרה מיד הגשת החשבונית. עמלת דחיפות: לפי הדחיפות, בסולם יורד: – קידום במקום אחד בתור העבודות: 10% – קידום ב–2 מקומות בתור העבודות: 20% –קידום ב–3 מקומות בתור העבודות: 30% –קידום ב–4 מקומות בתור העבודות: 40% – קידום ב–5 מקומות בתור העבודות:50%.