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Academic, technical, or fiction
Since 1995
American or British English

Hebrew-English translation • English copyediting | תרגום עברית–אנגלית, עריכה באנגלית

Jonathan Orr-Stav is the son and grandson of Hebrew translators and editors (his grandfather, Binyamin Eliav, was among other things one of the chief editors of the Encyclopaedia Judaica; his mother was the late Israeli writer, translator and editor, Yael Lotan).

Raised during the first half of his childhood in Jamaica, London and New York and the latter half in Israel, he returned to London to study and work in architecture and computer-aided-design (CAD), during the 1980s and early 90s. You can only run so far from your roots, however, and prior to returning to Israel in 1995 he found himself gravitating to writing — first in a series of best-selling books on CAD, then as a technical writer in the Israeli high-technology sector, and finally as the author of Aleph Through the Looking Glass, a radical new method for mastering the Hebrew script, published by Yale University Press in Nov 2005.


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It stands to reason that the rate for editing a text should be less than the rate for translating it from one language to another.
It also stands to reason that the rate for editing a text that requires little editing should be less than that for a text that requires a great deal.

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